Social Communities and Their Relevance in Your Life and Business

Posted in Social Networking on July 10th, 2009, by Quinn Kavanagh. 334 Comments.

Social Communities and Their Relevance in Your Life and Business

Chances are you have heard of social communities like Twitter and Facebook. These sites are now household names with most people, but it you are not familiar with them, it’s time for an introduction! These websites are social communities where people can post profile information about who they are, what they do and what interest and hobbies they have in life. Members can also post their favorite photos, videos and music as well as links to interesting stories they find on the web, or even something as simple as sharing a quick blurb about what they are doing at that particular moment. Most people by nature are social beings, and they like to interact with other people that they share something in common with. And besides being able to easily locate personal friends and family members, many of these social networking sites have simple tools that help you search and connect with groups of people who share a common thread. Simply put, these sites help bring people together who might not have otherwise met one another in life. Our world is enormous, but these sites easily bridge the gap of distance through the web and the online communities they have built. Once you create your free membership and profile on any of these sites, chances are it won’t be hard to find people who have already set up groups and pages dedicated to your particular interest(s). Whether you are part of Oprah’s Book Club, your favorite golfer is Tiger Woods or you have a passion for collecting stamps, you will meet and find others from all over the world who are fanatics about the same things.

These communities are more popular than ever, and recent studies are showing that they are not only being frequented by the usual suspects (tweens, teens and college age students), but that many adults in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s have also jumped on the bandwagon as a way to reconnect with old friends, stay in touch with loved ones, to receive the latest news, and to build networks with people from across the globe that share similar interests and passions. In fact, recent information provided by shows that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women 55+, and during the last six months of 2008 Facebook experienced a growth rate of over 276% for users age 35-54! The 55+ demo is not far behind either showing 194% growth rate over the same period, and the 25-34 year old population is doubling once every six months on Facebook! Each of the sites mentioned above have millions if not hundreds of millions of active users, and once you are inside, it’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to take part and share a piece of their lives with others.

So what does this mean to you, and what does this mean to us? I think the answer is one in the same. These social communities are giving both businesses and community members the ability to interact on a completely different level that ever before, and in a manner that is much more personal and intimate. The setting on the sites is casual and comfortable, where businesses and customers can become friends. Businesses and organizations now have the ability to get instantaneous feedback from clients fans. Companies are creating conversation and gathering information in real time that they can take action on to make well informed, and well educated decisions about how we can better improve their services, customer satisfaction and brand reputation. We enjoy the interaction with members or followers of our community pages, and we are encouraging those of you that already have accounts on Facebook and Twitter to do a simple search for us, or click on our links below to join in the discussion. And for those of you who may be new to all of this, getting started is simple, and a lot of fun once you are on board!

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