The Blakeslee Inn and Restaurant

Website design, XHTML/CSS, WordPress as a CMS integration

The Blakeslee Inn and Restaurant

Javaleaf met with the folks from the Blakeslee Inn and Restaurant recently to discuss bringing their restaurant’s website up-to-date. Their existing website has an antiquated design and layout, and consists of a set of static HTML pages. The content of these pages can therefore only be modified or updated by the original designer/developer of the site who demanded a fee for that service. We feel that is unacceptable, especially since the owners are willing to make the updates themselves.

To solve some of these issues, Javaleaf is providing a fresh new look for the Blakeslee Inn and Restaurant’s site, as well as fully integrating WordPress as a CMS (along with some custom plugins) to give the good people at TBI full control over all aspects of their web presence. You can see a sneak preview of their new design above.

Status: In Progress

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