Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The term search-engine optimization refers to the process of increasing a web site’s ranking for search terms in the various search engines. These rankings increase the likelihood of a potential customer finding your web site. The clicks are “free” in that you are not paying the search engines for these rankings.

Properly executed SEO consists of two major initiatives – on-site optimization and link building.

On-site initiatives include the implementation of meta tags, URL structure, optimization of traffic flow, and content creation. Our team will research and identify both local and national keywords and phrases searched by potential customers. Particularly important for your local search engine rankings, this research guides the objectives of your link building campaign.

Most search-engine optimization professionals would agree that above all else, link building has the greatest effect on search engine rankings. Much scrutiny and care goes into this process as you can never be careful enough when adhering to Google’s webmaster guidelines for SEO practices. Javaleaf’s approach is different than that of the typical agency, and our link building process is both ethical and effective. You can rest easy knowing your links will be spam-free.

The Javaleaf search engine optimization offering includes:

  • Site audit
    Your web site’s “State of the Union” – everything from URL structure to meta tags to keyword placement will be analyzed.
  • Link audit
    We’ll look at your current inbound linking structure – where your links are coming from and their relevance to your content is an influential ranking factor.
  • Ranking analysis
    An overview of your web site’s current rankings for terms deemed relevant by both you and our search engine optimization team.
  • Competition analysis
    If it is working for your competition, it will also work for you. We analyze your most successful competitions’ web sites and incoming links. We will replicate any strategies that seem appropriate.
  • On-Site Optimization
    Our development team will make any search engine optimized structural changes, content additions, meta tag editing, and usability recommendations.
  • Link Building (Off-site optimization)
    Javaleaf’s link building offering is unique in that we do not purchase links from other websites nor rely on other unsavory sources such as forums or blog comments. We focus only on acquiring highly relevant links from content driven domains.
  • Reporting
    We install Google Analytics to track your search engine optimization campaign’s progress.

Contact us for more details regarding our approach to search engine optimization and why it provides a substantially higher value than what you’d get from our competition.

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