Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail continues to be the most targeted and effective way to incite customers or prospects to act. The U.S. Postal service reports that mid- to large-size companies allocate an average of 22 percent of their marketing budget to direct mail. It simply works.

Direct mail provides a variety of benefits:

  1. Control – Maintain complete control over the presentation of your message.
  2. Easily Targetable – By focusing on a select audience with the characteristics most likely to make them receptive to your offer, you can target your marketing dollars most effectively.
  3. Time is on Your Side – Control the exact moment the message is delivered to the audience and define the amount of time they have to respond.
  4. Accurate Evaluation – By including a specific call-to-action and return vehicle (reply card, phone number, URL, fax), direct mail is infinitely measurable. Response rates are clear-cut and easily-attributable, and return on investment is simple to calculate.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness – By targeting the mailing list carefully, you only pay to send your message to those customers who will be interested in – and quality for – what you have to offer.
  6. It’s Interactive – Direct mail is a very tactile media. The recipient can hold it, open it, and read it on their time. Nobody likes an empty mailbox, and many people look at every piece of mail they receive.
  7. Personal Touch – The recipient’s name can be placed on the envelope and letter salutation, giving your mailing a more personal feel.
  8. Creativity – Direct mail offers flexibility in the presentation of your message, and in the tailoring of your offer, so consumers will get exactly the information that you want them to have.

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