Content Creation

At the risk of sounding cliché, content truly is king as it relates to web site design and marketing online.

Well-written and well-placed content increases your web site’s likelihood of converting traffic into leads. It is also one of the most influential search engine ranking factors.

Unique and ample content is also critical for the search engines to determine the overall theme and topic of your web site. Search engine spiders can “read” a web site’s content and determine just what a web site is about through factors like keyword density. If carefully constructed, a web site’s content can assist the search engines in deciphering the theme of that web site.

The search engines strive to reward web sites that provide a quality experience to their users. While a search engine cannot algorithmically measure how much your visitors actually enjoy your web site, they can determine your site’s popularity by measuring the number of times other web sites Iink back to your own. Naturally, the better the content on a web site, the more likely other sites are to link to that content. The search engines reward you for obtaining these links by increasing your web site’s rankings.

Rather than employing a group of writers, we have partnered with the nation’s leading content writing agencies who have teams of skilled writers with industry specific expertise in a multitude of professions. Their vertical expertise allows us to produce any number of pages you need, and ensures that the content is highly relevant, unique and search engine friendly. Working with specialized groups of writers allows us to construct content that both your users and the search engines will appreciate, resulting in more traffic from the search engines and more converting leads.

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